From Inside The Blanket Fort: OH CRAP!!!





My dad has started going online more and more in the past few months, and moments ago he discovered the “Hitler finds out…” meme videos and proceeded to come upstairs and show me. Do you know what this means????? It’s only a matter of time before he discovers tumblr and then I’m fucked!!!! :P

Quick, run away with me!

I may need to, I just realized that he walked and saw my giant 8 inch cock sitting in front of my TV…FML!!!

Man, the hardest part about if we were to live together would be keeping straight whose cocks are whose. :|

we could whip them out, compare sizes and have cock fights!!! (the sword fight kind, not the animal cruelty type!) I don’t like my penis, but I love my cock!!! I bought it as a sex toy, but now I love to wear it!!!

There’s nothing wrong with your clit, even if it is huge. (But that’s not to say there’s anything wrong with not liking it either. Everyone has the right to dislike whatever they want to.)

But yes, we definitely must compare cocks. Mine aren’t really the wearable sort, they’re more wrist-action. But I do love pulling them out and showing them off.